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I felt small yet great.
I felt insignificant yet hopeful.
I felt inferior yet vital.
Before me, a desert plain so full of life
Said to me, Shut the fuck up. You’re not that important.
Said to me, You’re problems aren’t as glaring as they seem.
Said to me, Though fogged, the horizon is still there.
In it’s body, I cleansed.


I’ve gotten off track, like in the video games when Mario drives off a cliff and into the deep, blue, pixelated sea. He doesn’t drown though. Some force- some… higher being- replaces Mario’s kart in the race, and he resumes dodging banana peels. Thankfully, I know how to swim.

Sometimes what you accomplish isn’t what you set out to do. Earlier today I detailed a very specific list of things to do, and though I didn’t do all of those things, I did get up off my ass. Tomorrow I’ll so the same. I’ll do the things I didn’t so today and more. Tomorrow.

I’m usually able to make it through a day pain-free. No chronic this or incurable that. No allergies, no tumors, no ulcers, no toothaches, no carpel tunnel, no flat feet, no Charlie horses, no wandering eye, no bowed legs, no arthritis, no gingivitis, no smoker’s cough, no glaucoma, no lock jaw, no nothing. The occasional headache here and there but aside from that, I’m remarkably comfortable. I’ve never broken a bone, never had an operation performed. I once got stung by a bumble bee but not by a jellyfish, thank goodness.

So I have no reason to complain. But my right knee hurts, so does my left wrist, and I got a kink in my neck.

That is all.

One year, three months, and a day after graduating from high school, I’m sad to say I haven’t made it far.if anything, I’ve regressed. But it’ll be okay. I’ll fix this. And then I’ll change.

Weird what a few sun salutations can do. My right knee started to lock up mid lunge, and my lower back feels bruised. My neck is still tight from the Florida trip, but I guess that’s what I get for sleeping fourteen hours a day and not working out. Like I said though, it’s weird what a few sun salutations can do.

A lot’s happened since we last spoke. Today is Rane and my three month… anniversary? Tonight I’m making lettuce wraps (mine with ‘shrooms, his with teriyaki chicken) and stir fried rice and veggies. He’s bringing popcorn and a scary movie.

I joined cast. I play Janet on the 28th.

Mom got engaged.

I dropped out of school.

And am looking for work.


I take advantage of my little brothers’ youth and impressionability and make them run to the car for my charger. All the time.

A huge reason why I continue to be a vegetarian is to be able to say, “I’m a vegetarian.”

I’m attracted to my boyfriend’s best friend.

I used to binge eat.

I go with my mom to therapy not to support her but to eat at the yummy vegan cafe across the street from the office.

I don’t like running into people at the grocery store.